Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Evening With The Danes

Next Tuesday is St. Martin's Day, which is celebrated in Denmark by eating goose or duck along with some traditional Danish side dishes, which, among younger generations, are not eaten very often. I haven't celebrated the day for years (much like a lot of other Danes), but this year we decided to do something about it, and invited a couple of Danes over for the traditional dinner. It was a crash course in the making of all these traditional dishes that I otherwise have very little experience with, and I felt much like a house wife wearing my apron stuffing the big goose and timing the potatoes with the red cabbage and the sauce. Oh the sauce! Very important part of the meal. It was impossible to find the brown coloring, which is ESSENTIAL to getting the proper color of the sauce, so it didn't look quite right. But otherwise I think everything turned out quite good, and it was fun hanging out with the Danes for a change.

Oversæt til dansk

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