Monday, September 26, 2011

Inside Outside

Pictures from the weekend that started out with a sick kid with fever, which resulted in staying indoors and an Italian cake baking project with fresh figs that turned out amaazing, and ended with a healthy baby (yay!) and a trip to the park.
And PS. I'm still dreaming of hammocks... We are currently discussing whether or not the hammock project would work in Boston. To ship or not ship a hammock?

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cheers to New Adventures!

We have made up our minds, and are moving to Boston early next year! It was not an easy decision, but it feels so good now that it's settled. Uncertainty about where we would go to after Vienna has been a stress factor for about a year, giving way to questions like: where do we want to go, what are our individual goals and what are our family plans? And in the end it completely depended on where it was possible for us to (read: where Bjarni would get job offers). We were privileged to have several choices, which was great, but also difficult, as they had different advantages.

Finally we figured Harvard and Boston was an irresistible opportunity, and now we are excited for all that awaits. Hopefully our time in California will have a positive influence on our expectations and adjustment. I'm excited about all the stuff I miss from the US, and which I never expected I would return to.

This move should also be our second last. I know this might seem early to talk about at this point, but thinking further ahead has been part of the whole deciding process we have been through. While I admire those who can keep moving around, I know I am not capable of that in the long run, and it is not what I wish for my family. I need to settle down and be like "normal people". I still feel the US is too far from everyone dear to me back in Denmark to be the place we settle for good. Having said that I embrace this new adventure completely, and am excited to spend two years on the American East Coast.

Our big decision called for a proper celebration, which we did in the beginning of the week. Silja toasted in smoothie being utterly unaware of the changes that are going to happen and that she will end up talking like an Amerrricaan.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh Beejarney! (A Story about my Husband)

My favorite Icelander went to Boston last week. He had packed lightly as he was just going to stay a few days. On the plane, he had a beer (or several, I don't know), which he accidentally spilled on the only pair of pants he carried with him. The following day he had a job interview at Harvard, and figured stinking pants wouldn't make the best impression, so off he went to the conservative old university wearing shorts and a hoodie. And apparently that didn't matter, because he was offered a postdoc position.

We now have to choose between Southern Germany, Denmark and Boston. It was supposed to be an easy decision as we had already secretly made up our minds, but that was before Harvard entered the scene.

Oh Bjarni, you make my life (too) interesting!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Road-tripping with Morfar

My dad and Karen stopped by Vienna this past week during their vacation, and over the weekend, after Bjarni had left for the US, Silja and myself got to go on a little road-trip with them, which was absolutely amazing, considering my desire to explore more of Austria. We went to Wachau and to Rust and Mörbisch by Neusiedler See, and you got to excuse me for the overload of pictures, but family combined with new adventures and good weather is doomed to be that way. They were harvesting the wine by Neusidler See, and I wish I would have been able to get a proper picture of them driving away with the big containers full of grapes. It looked so appealing. Anyhow, exploring Austria with the two of them was great fun, and I hope we'll get to see them again soon. Tak for besøg!
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

She's got it!

She has been walking around with her little push cart for months, took her first solo steps three weeks ago, and this weekend she let go of the hands, didn't rely on any encouragement, and I could peak into the living room and see her walking around all by herself. Oh, are we proud!

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Breakfast Treat

Pancakes for breakfast because its the last day of our little holiday, and because next week is back to normal. Sort of. Bjarni is heading to Germany and Boston for job interviews, and we have a granddad arriving from Denmark. All very exciting. Hopefully the upcoming travels will bring some much needed clarity on what will happen next for us. I find this in-between stage of being open to a range of potential possibilities incredibly stressful as the process drags out, and I can't wait to put uncertainty aside and start planning for what's next.

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Friday, September 2, 2011


We finally made it to the Ozean exhibition at the kid's musuem at MQ. Next time we'll drag Bjarni along. I think he will like it too.