Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh Beejarney! (A Story about my Husband)

My favorite Icelander went to Boston last week. He had packed lightly as he was just going to stay a few days. On the plane, he had a beer (or several, I don't know), which he accidentally spilled on the only pair of pants he carried with him. The following day he had a job interview at Harvard, and figured stinking pants wouldn't make the best impression, so off he went to the conservative old university wearing shorts and a hoodie. And apparently that didn't matter, because he was offered a postdoc position.

We now have to choose between Southern Germany, Denmark and Boston. It was supposed to be an easy decision as we had already secretly made up our minds, but that was before Harvard entered the scene.

Oh Bjarni, you make my life (too) interesting!

Oversæt til dansk


  1. Congratulations to your family! It sounds like you have a wonderful opportunity ahead of you -- no matter where you decide to go :-)

  2. Ja vi er stolte af at være i familie med Bjarni. Det er så sejt gået! Respekt Bjarni :)

  3. Wow! Harvard! Sejt af Bjarni! Og så i shorts...hehe...
    Det er minsandten spændende hvor I ender denne gang! :)
    - Katrine.