Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cheers to New Adventures!

We have made up our minds, and are moving to Boston early next year! It was not an easy decision, but it feels so good now that it's settled. Uncertainty about where we would go to after Vienna has been a stress factor for about a year, giving way to questions like: where do we want to go, what are our individual goals and what are our family plans? And in the end it completely depended on where it was possible for us to (read: where Bjarni would get job offers). We were privileged to have several choices, which was great, but also difficult, as they had different advantages.

Finally we figured Harvard and Boston was an irresistible opportunity, and now we are excited for all that awaits. Hopefully our time in California will have a positive influence on our expectations and adjustment. I'm excited about all the stuff I miss from the US, and which I never expected I would return to.

This move should also be our second last. I know this might seem early to talk about at this point, but thinking further ahead has been part of the whole deciding process we have been through. While I admire those who can keep moving around, I know I am not capable of that in the long run, and it is not what I wish for my family. I need to settle down and be like "normal people". I still feel the US is too far from everyone dear to me back in Denmark to be the place we settle for good. Having said that I embrace this new adventure completely, and am excited to spend two years on the American East Coast.

Our big decision called for a proper celebration, which we did in the beginning of the week. Silja toasted in smoothie being utterly unaware of the changes that are going to happen and that she will end up talking like an Amerrricaan.
Oversæt til dansk


  1. You guys are SO cool! :)
    Jeg så lige dit vægopslag på Facebook og måtte straks herind og se om der var nærmere opdatering. Jeg havde på fornemmelsen, I ville vælge Boston. Det er jo en uimodståelig chance, som du selv skriver. Jeg havde selv valgt det samme, hvis jeg havde været i jeres situation. Hvor er det spændende for jer, og hvor glæder jeg mig til at følge med i det nye eventyr!
    Tillykke med afgørelsen.
    - Katrine.

  2. Hej Katrine og tak! Uh, det er godt med opbakning, når det har været en svær beslutning. Det er som om det blevet svære at springe ud i noget så uforudsigeligt efter vi har fået et barn. Men hun vil jo stadig være så lille at hun ikke rigtig fatter hvad der sker. Og ja, vi havde garanteret siddet i Århus og tænkt: hvad nu hvis vi havde valgt det andet. Så nu gør vi det fandme! :)

  3. So exciting, congratulations! You are impressive! Good luck with everything, I already look forward to read your Boston blog! Funny that your girl will be speaking american (next to danish and islandic), who would have thought :)