Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I'm not really the most frequent blogger at the moment, which I appologize. School has been a little crazy lately, but yesterday I finished the last lecture before Christmas (the professor brought snacks, soft drinks and a bottle of VODKA to celebrate! Haven't experienced that before.. ) So now I have slowed down a bit (there are still a couple of papers I should work on), and I enjoooy having a little more time to do christmas related activities: Today I'm baking and I finished a sewing project with a couple of christmas girls I started earlier in the month.
Temperatures has dropped to below zero and turned puddles into ice. It snowed over the weekend. It's perfect for the season and the Christmas mood around here.
We are heading off to Iceland on Monday, and are very excited to spent two relaxed weeks in good company up north.

Oversæt til dansk

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