Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meeting the Family

We are back in Wien after five great days in Denmark. It was the first time Silja was introduced to most of her close relatives. Also it was the first time the Danish and Icelandic families met (Yes, we have been married for four and half years and our families still had not met. Crazy, I know.)
Anyhow we have been so busy over these past few days hanging out with everybody that we didn't take that many pictures. We did remember the camera on Sunday though for the baptism celebration. It was a great day with perfect weather, a well behaved little girl and the company of our dear families.
Silja handled the traveling surprisingly well, and it was more than great to share her with her grandparents, aunts, little cousins etc. Luckily we will see all of them again quite soon for Christmas and New Years.
Oversæt til dansk


  1. Dorte, you look great and so... tender. Maternity definitely suits you )