Friday, April 15, 2011

Having fun (at home!)

Sometimes you think you do something really funny in order to make the kid laugh (so much so that you are silently laughing on the inside of your own wittiness), and she is just sitting there, starring at you as if thinking: "why the heck is she doing that now?" Completely unimpressed. And other times you do something unintentional, which cracks her up.
This week Kindergarten has been NO fun. All of a sudden Silja realized that we are leaving her with a bunch of other kids and three strange women, and not even the most interesting moving, glittering, noisy toy can distract her from the sadness and anxiety that creates. Ouch! I hope it SOON gets better.

Oversæt til dansk

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  1. Ihh hvor er hun da bare totalt dejlig og superkær! Håber snart hun bliver tryg og glad ved vuggestuen, det tager sin tid, men skal nok komme :-) Hæng i ;-)
    Knus Nadia