Saturday, November 19, 2011

People and Cafes

Some of the people whom I met with this week included an American behavioral therapist, a French campaign manager and a Greek researcher. They had asked me to meet them at different cafes in town, so that I could interview them on issues related to my thesis. All three places were new to me and completely different in style and atmosphere. Weidinger Cafe is an old smoky coffee house, which interior (and clientele?) hasn't changed for the past 30 years or more. It was like stepping into a time warp. I took a picture on my phone because I was so stunned. The following day I went to Cafe Gaga:rin, which played loud electronics and served a lunch plate with vegan, organic food based on the pay as you wish principle (and it was goood!). The third meeting happened on the more mainstream Point of Sale near Naschmarkt.
I know very little about the people I meet beforehand, but to sit there and wait for them at places they have suggested I suppose say a great deal of them already. People and cafes could totally be an anthropological study on its own. And that of course also made me think which cafe I would suggest if I were in that situation. I probably would choose this one... Which cafe [are] you?
Judging people based on their choice of cafe is obviously quite simplistic. I think all three selected the place because of its proximity to either work or home. Nevertheless the city is full of coffeehouse, cafes and bars, so why those particular ones? I'm intrigued.

I still need to find one more man to interview. If you happen to know someone, perhaps you can pass the information on. I'd be happy to pick the cafe, or just show up without being too judgmental. I promise.

Oversæt til dansk


  1. Jeg har forsøgt at give et bud på ynglingssteder i København på God udfordring, der var en yngling, jeg havde glemt.

  2. Hey hey hey!!! I like your post, it would be very interesting to study people and cafes :) I can never chose one particular one so here are a few of my favourite from what I have tried in Vienna so far: Cafe der Provinz, Welt Cafe and Cafe Alt Wien. All three are really cozy.

    So how have you been, I am sure you are super busy with wrapping things and finishing your study as well. When you are relatively more free then we should definitely meet up for a warm coffee and cake. I am sorry that I forgot to send my phone number, I thought I had sent it, but apparently not. Will do so right away. Stay warm. Take care, Aditi

  3. interesting! and funny. before i clicked on the link... i thought... hmm, where would i chose... ? and cafe phil popped into my head. i also thought... i bet dorte has picked the same!

  4. Weidinger is amazing, such a typical viennese Kaffeehaus. It is always more or less crowded, young people, old people - completely mixed. And the old Mrs Weidinger is still working there. Downstairs they have a Kegelbahn. Funny place..

  5. Thanks for all your input :)
    - Aditi: It sounds like you have already tried a lot of different places. Some I don't even know.. I also like Cafe der Provinz! They have good crepes, and supposedly a good breakfast buffet.
    - Kerry: heh heh! Maybe there's a reason why we get along so well :)
    - Mimie:Yeah?! I did notice the Kegelbahn sign outside. I was so amazed by how time stood still in there. I could look into the kitchen that was so run down and outdated (except from a Pago fridge) and the old curtains in the windows... Rather than the touristy coffeehouses in the 1st district this felt very local and I suppose the "run downness" of it contributed to its strange charm.. Funny place indeed.