Sunday, February 5, 2012

Glugga veður

There's an Icelandic expression that I like, and which fits perfectly to this weekend, where Wien like most of Europe has experienced double digit minus degrees. Brrr! Glugga veður or window weather is when the weather is sunny and beautiful, but only enjoyable from the (warm!) inside looking out. We didn't stay inside the entire time, but the trips outside were minimized and shortened as it was just so freaking cold!

Oversæt til dansk

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  1. Indeed it is (or has been) "window weather"! Though, today, the snow makes me want get outside and take a stroll around in it. Not for too long of course. But just long enough to breath in the fresh scent of crystal flakes :-) And thanks so much for your comments and words of encouragement regarding learning German, Dorte. I hope I can look back on this time someday and smile knowing how far I had come. Stay warm!