Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baby Update

(as per request...)
We just got back from the pediatrician. Silja is now 4,7 kg (3,13 at birth) and 55 cm (48 at birth), so she is growing rapidly. We got a prescription for something to relieve the pain connected to her gassy stomach, so hopefully that will do good. The stomach aches are not a huge problem, but results in occasional screaming and discomfort. She is still a decent sleeper, and taking her along to restaurant- and museum visits has been completely doable. For the past two weeks or so she has been smiling consciously, which by the way is going straight to the happy hearts of her proud parents. She loves to hang out in an arm, but is also getting pretty good at laying on a blanket entertaining herself by poking at some of her toys. The pink elephant is by far the favorite.

Bjarni and myself? Slightly sleep deprived obviously, but otherwise fine. Bjarni has made himself an extra bed out in the hallway, which he sometimes (read: often) turns to in the middle of the night :) Myself am daily surprised by how fast the days go by at the moment. I still have a paper to submit to the university before the end of the month, but have no time (nor interest...) to look into that at the moment. Maybe I should cut back on this addictive TV series, which both Bjarni and I have been watching obsessively, whenever we have had a spare moment together since the arrival of Silja.

That is status at the moment in our little family of three.

Oversæt til dansk


  1. aaah, lovely to hear how you are all doing. funny - i'm currently obsessed with mad men too! only on the first series but i love it. i love the styling, the clothes, the characters, the... well, everything.
    good luck with the paper. i'm sure it'll come together when you need it to.
    take care x
    p.s. where were you in the first picture. looks nice :)

  2. Ih, dejligt at høre det går godt hos jer også. Det lyder som om I trives, alle tre.
    Og ja, det er nærmest skræmmende så hurtigt de vokser, de små bebs'er!
    - Katrine.

  3. She is adorable!