Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silja's Corner(s)

It seems like I'm way behind with blogging considering all the new things that are happening after Silja arrived, but geez... there is so much to do these days. I hope to give a more thorough update on how it's all going, but for now I'll just show how parts of the apartment looks like now that we are three. There is no space for a nursery in this apartment, so Silja has her own little corner in the bedroom. It's not completely done yet, but is working well for now.
Some of our German friends, who visited last week, commented that our apartment looks very Danish given all the whiteness... Ah yes, but I can't help it and I am Danish after all. The poster (which is hard to see on the picture) is by the Swedish illustrator Camilla Lundsten and my favorite among all the kid stuff that are now part of our home.
Oversæt til dansk

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  1. hey, we have the same chest of drawers! i hope everything is going well :)