Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finally out of Vienna

... On a day trip that is. I think it is next week we reach the two year mark of our stay in Austria, and finally finally we made it outside of Vienna. We have hot and humid weather at the moment and none of us could stand the thought of staying in the city the entire weekend, so off we went on a train to the region of Wachau, where we enjoyed the scenic view and a nice breeze down the Danube from Melk to Krems. We also made a stop in the monastry in Melk, where our little Duracell bunny could burn off some energy in the shade.
Today is a lazy day. We are waiting for the heat to go down slightly so we can venture outside for ice cream. Meanwhile I am dreaming of my own yard with a kiddie pool and a hammock in the shade. Did you hear that Bjarni?
Oversæt til dansk


  1. funny, we've been planning on going to melk for ages but haven't made it there yet! looks lovely. great pictures too.
    p.s. i'm also dreaming of a pool!

  2. You need to go Kerry. It was great to get away of Vienna to see something different (you already went to Salzburg though, I think). Any really lovely now at summer time.