Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Earlier this week our little Anna Silja turned one. She has gone from a helpless little bundle to a little person with her own way of being, her own will and preferences (which is expressed quite clearly at times despite the lack of verbal skills!) Some of her current favorites include dogs, her own toes, blueberries, eating with a fork, books (she loooves books), pigeons, standing without support, snuggling and dancing.
She seems to respond equally well to both Icelandic and Danish (German I don't know), but is still saying just a couple of words (in Danish). We are having a lot of fun with the baby sign language, which she has been actively using the last three months.

This past year has been what I expected beforehand in terms sleep deprivation, stinky diapers, piles of laundry and endless love and admiration for this little being that is ours. Even though I guess it's all more intense than you can prepare for. What is still surprising (even though you hear it all the time) is how crazy fast time goes by with a child. That and to experience the drive such a little human has to learn and acquire new skills. Sure we are there to provide support along the away, but the turning around, sitting up, crawling and walking all happens by itself. That's pretty damn amazing!

We are so happy for our little big girl, who is perfect just the way she is.

Oversæt til dansk


  1. Hallo Dorte! Thanks for your comment. My husband works for the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). Hope you're having a nice day despite the weather.

  2. so cute! happy belated birthday to dear silja x

  3. STOOORT tillykke til Silja!!!
    Og sikke et dejligt indlæg - jeg kan (igen) nikke genkendende til det hele, gjorde mig mange af de samme tanker, da Olivia fyldte et år. Det er vildt at få sådan en unge altså! :)
    Og så lader Silja og Olivia altså til at være ret ens - Olivia kan vist sætte flueben ved samtlige ting på listen over Siljas favoritter pt. Blåbær, duer, bøger, hunde, dans og balancering uden støtte hitter også her lige nu! :)