Friday, January 6, 2012


Well, turns out today is Epiphany, which in Austria is a public holiday: No work, no Kindergarten... A whole day off and a long weekend! Thank you. I realized it late last night, and was surprised how it was all of sudden weekend already. I will miss all these public holidays that are conveniently spread out over the year, when we leave Austria, but then there will be Memorial Day, Labor Day and so on.
We went for a sunny but freezing walk in the park, and came back for hot chocolate and house searching in Boston. We are in the middle of quite big logistic puzzle that requires long lists and a cool overview, and sweet Bjarni is so on top of it!
Oversæt til dansk


  1. Hey there! We are recent US transplants to Vienna from Boston. We have 3 boys and lived in Somerville/Cambridge, Brookline and Newton. If you need some help finding a place and/or insights into the different neighborhoods, send me an email ( and I would be happy to help out. Nice blog (I am thinking of starting one and was checking out what people are writing about from Vienna). Best.

  2. Hey Boston folks! THANK you for offering your help! That's really kind. I might email you later with some questions; at the moment it is mainly everything here in Vienna we are trying to sort out. But it's great with a reference to Boston expert :) You should totally start a blog. I find it to be a nice little journal with our experiences here and the expat blog link has put me in contact with some nice people, who are also new to Vienna.