Sunday, January 1, 2012

Prosit Neujahr!

This was our first new year celebration in Vienna, and turns out we were pretty clueless on Austrian new year's traditions. We went for a walk in the city center at noon to find the city full of Silvester stalls, where the most prominent items were pigs in all shapes and sizes, apparently a symbol of fortune and wealth. We spent the evening at home, dressed to the best and lots of great food lined up; unfortunately I have been down with the flu since coming back from Denmark, which sadly made all the food and Bjarni's killer margaritas less appealing. I ended up back in my PJs under a blanket, where I could giggle at Silja, who woke up again before midnight from all the fire crackers, dancing around with Bjarni to DJ Ötzi (remember him?!) that was on the Austrian national channel. It's just not a proper new year's party without some dancing...

A happy and prosperous 2012 to you!

Oversæt til dansk

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  1. ah, cute! hope you feel better soon. happy new year! x