Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I pulled Bjarni's arm Friday night as we pushed a suitcase and the stroller through the central train station in Budapest, and exclaimed: I'm SO happy we came! We were just about to cancel, when I went to bed with a fever the night before. Earlier in the week Silja had been home two days because of a stomach bug, the whole packing ordeal had turned our apartment into chaos and my last exam/thesis defense was lurking around the corner, and I had not spent enough time preparing for it. There were plenty of reasons to stay home and catch up on the to-do list, but this was the weekend to go, if we wanted to see Budapest before we leave. It's a 2,5 hour train ride from Vienna, non of us had been before, and the forecast said sun and up to 20 degrees. And so of course we went! And it was great and energizing. I got (lots!) pictures to prove it. Go if you are in Vienna, and hasn't already been.

Oversæt til dansk


  1. ah, i love the photos! glad you had an awesome trip. sounds like you really needed it xx

  2. Hi Dorte! I just wanted to send you a little message to say that I hope you have a wonderful last full day in Vienna before you move! I'm excited about your new adventure and I look forward to keeping up with your new chapter of life in Boston!