Friday, September 18, 2009

Hello Frustrations!

So of course moving and adjusting to a new culture cannot always be fun and exciting. According to cultural adjustment theories a person normally undergoes distinct stages in the process of adapting to a new environment: Honeymoon, Crisis, Recovery and Adjustment. From the US experience I learned that PATIENCE is key when it comes to adjusting succesfully and feeling at ease in a new environment. It simply takes time to learn the communication style, find your way to the good places in town, make meaningful friendships, connect with professional contacts and even basic things like knowing how to pay bills or where to buy various stuff. Based on our previous move I feel I have had much more realistic expectations this time around in terms of settling in here in Vienna: "Relaaax, it takes time" has been somewhat of an inner mantra, whenever something has proven challenging.
Earlier this week though, I hit some kind of wall in terms of having enough patience. I had been interviewing for a full-time administrative position in an non-profit working with refugees. The position itself was not very interesting, but I thought I might give it a shot since it's a field I'd like to get into. After the 2nd round of interviews I was turned down, which wasn't so bad after all because I came here to study, and just filing papers sounds kind of boring. But I guess the rejection mixed with the fact the master program I'm starting in a week and a half is completely disorganized (there has been zero guidance and I still have no clue which courses I'm suppse to take, all I can see is that A LOT will be in German), knocked me over and I thought: Why on earth did we leave a city, which both of us really liked, a bunch of great friends and on my part a meaningful job? Why?!?
Ah, yes... (Aside from Bjarni's studies) Because we wanted to be challenged! And because we wanted be super German speakers. Pffrr! And because I wanted to be closer to home.

Oversæt til dansk

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