Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vienna International Centre

I ended my German course Friday, signed up for another one that started today (Wednesday), and thus enjoyed two days of no forced German grammar exercises. Yesterday I headed to the Vienna Intenational Centre (VIC) which is home to the United Nations office of Vienna. It's the workplace of 4500 internationals and is an extraterritorial area, meaning you are nolonger in Austrian territory once you have passed the security check point by the entrance. It is of course not as overwhelming as the head quarters in New York, but still quite impressive. I joined a tour and learned that the two main departments at the Vienna site are the International Atomic Energy Agency and the UN Office of Drugs and Crime. The really cool exhibition Facing Nations been installed due to VIC's upcoming 30th anniversary. The message is to give a face to the people of all nations (124 to be exact) and to promote tolerance, respect, dignity & freedom. When leaving VIC, I was thinking to myself: Hey, I think I could work here!!

UN Interpretation
Facing Nations
Oversæt til dansk

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