Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vienna, the antonym of LA.

Believe it or not, I'm actually blogging, but I've been incredibly lazy lately when it comes to blogging.

Anyways, we're now in Vienna, which is really really different from LA. First of all, most people in Vienna are European looking, whereas in LA there is a much greater racial diversity. Also, there are no taco trucks, Pinkberries, or Jamba Juices, instead there are kebab places, bakeries, and people dressed up as Mozart selling concert and opera tickets. And finally, it rains... which is nice... and then again, not so nice when you get wet. I mean, it sometimes really pours with thunders lightning and hail.

Vienna is in general a pretty nice place, little or no crime (at least I don't get any emails about it so it feels safer). I can go to a public park (and there are many) and drink a beer without risking a stiff fine from the police. Vienna is very small and bike-able, and the public transportation is excellent. Also, I now have a window in my office, in the US I didn't.

However I must admit that I still miss some things from LA. Primarily I miss people, friends, etc., but also the good weather, and the beach. Nonetheless, me and Dorte are adapting quite well to the new environment here, despite constant challenges, and I'm sure we'll grow to like Vienna... but I'm also sure we'll keep our time in LA at a special place in our hearts.


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