Sunday, October 4, 2009


We just returned after a bike ride/run to the Danube insel and back. The weather has been perfect this weekend with lots of blue skies, and it seems like everybody has been outside to soak up whatever is left of summer. Despite mild temperatures around 20 degrees (app. 68 F) one just need to look to the changing colors of the trees to see we have entered fall. With more unstable weather conditions in sight, we went on a shopping spree yesterday for winter jackets, so now we are so ready for the low temperatures to hit.
October 1st marked my returned status as a student. So far it has just been a lot of reading. I have my first class tomorrow. That will be in German! I'm quite excited to see how that will go, or rather how much I will understand. I'll keep you posted.
Oversæt til dansk

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