Saturday, May 1, 2010

Feels Like Summer

These last few days have been warm and sunny. It's incredible how this place seems to change with the weather: People are hanging out everywhere outside eating gelato and drinking aperol spritz. We are sucking it in, and enjoying the comfortable temperatures, before it turns humid and sticky later on. Feeling the summer spirit I managed to study from the park around the corner Friday afternoon, which reminds me that being a student again includes certain benefits.
Hey, and check out the chest of drawers in the back of the first picture, which we got last weekend. We have been having an empty corner in the living room that is now finally used due to our growing need of storage space. Funny how this apartment is coming together piece by piece over a long period of time.
And on another note, we were woken up by marching music this morning (!) when a may day parade were coming through our otherwise quiet street. I missed the red banners and balloons in the picture, but nevertheless: Happy May Day (to be imagined with the sound of horns and drums).
Oversæt til dansk

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