Friday, May 21, 2010

The Junior Mints


When going home we usually stock up on Icelandic/Danish candy, which is later kept under somewhat strict rules of consumption. We sometimes bring stuff to friends to share whatever we have from home (and before we leave by the way, we will negotiate about giving away the Icelandic versus the Danish stuff, because ... it's precious stuff you know, and both of us are obviously quite protective about what comes from our home). :)
Anyways, last time we went to the US Bjarni bought some candy in the airport while waiting for our flight back - and among those things were a box of Junior Mints. Now if you know Seinfeld, you must remember the episode where Kramer accidentally drops a Junior Mint into the patient's body under a surgery (see the clip here). Our Junior Mints have been laying in a kitchen cabinet among the other goodies from afar, and have only been allowed to come out when we were watching Seinfeld. Now the box is sadly empty, but boy has that box been treasured!

Oversæt til dansk

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