Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year from Iceland

I hope you entered 2011 with proper celebration. We spent the night at Bjarni's parents, who always throw a big new year's party for friends and relatives.
Our trip is soon coming to an end and we are enjoying a couple of quiet days before traveling back to Vienna. We made it up north to the grandparents, met old friends, had the obligatory hot dogs from this place, as well Icelandic lamb and fish. What is still missing is my favorite ice cream (bragðarefur!) and some paper work for Silja, who by the way is her usual content and happy self up here, so we take that as a sign that she likes Iceland.

The past weeks' traveling and a baby have not given much time to reminisce about 2010, but of course this past year stands out from any other, because of the arrival of our sweet little girl. I feel extremely and overwhelmingly lucky and happy because of that! 2011 will for us continue to be in Vienna and what will happen after that is completely up in the air. But no need to worry too much about that just yet. There is so much to enjoy right now. First off is the ice-cream...

Gleðilegt nytt ár / happy New Year!
Oversæt til dansk

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