Thursday, January 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We are back in Vienna, and boy is it nice! As great as it is to go back to Denmark and Iceland to see everyone again, just as great is it to come back to our own place. We had a smooth journey back and were pleasantly surprised by how well the little one handled the rather long trip from Iceland with a brief layover in Denmark to Austria (which aside from two flights include a 50 min drive to the airport in Iceland and two train rides here in Austria). She is turning into a master traveler! Let's hope that continues.
Back in Vienna we have now unpacked, including all those great presents, and resumed to normal routines, which among other things include healthy eating (uuf, I was so done with sweets and junk food after stuffing myself over the holidays). As a new milestone Silja has started solids. Jeez, it's going fast!
I now got less than two months left of my maternity leave, and I plan enjoy every single minute of my remaining time off, before it's time to resume to university.
Oversæt til dansk


  1. Helle - søsterJanuary 08, 2011

    Stort med første skefuld. Herligt udtryk hun har :) Kan godt forstå I nyder at være tilbage. Knus