Thursday, January 13, 2011

Liebe für die Wände

The other day one of my Christmas presents arrived in the mail. Yay!! Three illustrations by Blanca Gomez. I have been dying to replace the old and gloomy painting in our living room with something brighter, and these illustrations will provide a much needed change. Me and Silja went to IKEA yesterday to buy frames, but the ones we brought back didn't fit quite right. Instead they went well with the prints from Studio Violet I bought a while back, which now look even better in a frame. Today I got other frames for the first three, and can't wait to drill some holes and put everything up!
Oversæt til dansk


  1. yay! thats so funny. i really love her city prints (i bought a london one for my friends engagement present) but i really want all three (london, new york and paris) for myself!
    i love the other prints too!

  2. Det er utroligt så glad man kan blive for at vende tilbage til hverdagen! :)