Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Global Fashion...


While watching Denmark getting beat up by Japan in the World Cup (I'm not much into football), I thought to share a couple more insights from my Fashion, life style and culture course (- which I previously did a post about here). So, these images I like because of their contrasts and because they demonstrate the interconnectedness between cultures in the tangible form of fabric, tailoring style and accessories. Cool, eh?
I'll try to provide a few details for those interested -- and I hope I got it right, as the course is in German, which is not working too well these days with this brain of mine. Anyhow, first image shows Chola women from La Paz, Bolivia. Notice the bowler hats that originates from the UK. At the time of colonization the Spanish men wore bowler hats inspired by the British. It then later became a fashion among the local Indian population, the Chola women especially.
The second image shows a Congolese man belonging to la Sape, which are men (usually of poor backgrounds) who are inspired by Parisian high fashion. They consider themselves artists who seek to demonstrate supreme elegance. Enough said, I hope you like the photos and the fashion-inspiration-going-global like I do.

Photos via szeke & Flair.

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